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The Ethnology Division

Head: Anđelko Akrap, F.C.A.

Andrije Hebranga 1, 10000 Zagreb
Phone +385 01 4895 150

Founded upon the initiative of the Croatian Academy’s Committee for Folk Life and Customs in 1963, the Ethnology Division (formerly known as the Ethnological Institute) focuses its research efforts on Croatian traditional culture. Alongside a wide-ranging ethnological library, The Division boasts an extensive archive of the Committee’s manuscripts, divided into three main collections: Old Collection (Stara Zbirka – SZ), New Collection (Nova Zbirka – NZ), and the Collection of Oral Poetry of the Matica hrvatska (MH).

Besides maintaining regular operations of the aforementioned library and archive, the members of the Division actively participate in the research project titled Ethnological and Folklore Material of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU): Analysis and Critical Editing (project lead: Academy Member Maja Bošković-Stulli). The main goal of this project is the conservation, analysis, interpretation, and critical editing and publication of ethnological and folklore material. The researchers’ main intention is to promote the material in question, while making it both available and accessible to the scientific and general public. The research material in its entirety – and the older pieces in particular – is invaluable to many contemporary studies. With that in mind, this research project has been founded on interdisciplinary tenets of a wider ethnological and folklore tradition. Furthermore, the project has been imbued with other similar projects, especially those conducted by the Zagreb Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research.

The findings of the project research are regularly published in the Journal for Folk Life and Customs (Zbornik za narodni život i običaje, first published in 1896), the Rukopisna Baština edition of the Matica hrvatska, and other Croatian editions.


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