Scientific Councils HAZU

The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Economic Research and Croatian Economy

President : Zvonimir Baletić F.C.A.

Secretary: Dr. Sc. Gordan Družić
Head of Section for Public Finance: Prof. Dr. Božidar Jelčić

Contact person: Snježana Vujatović, Phone: 4895-102, Fax: 4895-140, e-mail:

The main activities of the Scientific Council for Economic Research and the Croatian Economy comprise fundamental theoretical research and the application thereof, macroeconomic analyses, various issues of economic, technological and demographic development, the financial position of primary economic subjects, economic history, and the study of the conditions, structure and strategy of the Croatian economy’s development.

Members of the Scientific Council:

  1. Zvonimir Baletić, F.C.A.
  2. Dr. Sc. Gordan Družić
  3. Prof. Dr. Ivo Družić
  4. Prof. Dr. Božidar Jelčić
  5. Dr. Guste Santini
  6. Vladimir Stipetić, F.C.A.
  7. Prof. Dr. Soumitra Sharma
  8. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veselica
  9. Prof. Dr. Dragomir Vojnić
  10. Prof. Dr. Boris Vukonić
  11. Alica Wertheimer Baletić, F.C.A.
  12. Dr. Sc. Stjepan Zdunić
  13. Prof. Dr. Ivo Sever