Scientific Councils HAZU

The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Research of Relations between Croatia and the European Southeast in a historical perspective

The Scientific Council was established by decision of the Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts on  January 30, 2019, at the proposal of the Department for Social Sciences.

President of the Council: Prof. Nenad MOAČANIN Ph.D., associate member

Vice-President of the Council: Vjeran KURSAR Ph.D.

Members of the Scientific Council:

    1. Gordan DRUŽIĆ, F.C.A.
    2. Nikša STANČIĆ, F.C.A.
    3. Tatjana PAIĆ VUKIĆ, Ph.D.
    4. Anđelko VLAŠIĆ, Ph.D.
    5. Mladen ANČIĆ, Ph.D.
    6. S. Ivica PRLENDER, Ph.D.
    7. Kornelija JURIN STARČEVIĆ , Ph.D.
    8. Damir KARBIĆ, Ph.D.