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The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Traffic

Organisation of the Scientific Council for Traffic
(Elected at the regular session of the Scientific Council for Traffic held on 14 October 2014)

Deputy Chairs:
·    Marin Hraste, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
·    Prof. DSc Sanja Steiner


  • DSc. Vladimir Marić
    Admin. Secretary / Contact person: Nikola Puljiz ( 2305-807, 099/3106-529, 095/9091-306,

The Scientific Council for Traffic deals with topics concerning all branches of traffic in its scope of work and research domain. It studies at interdisciplinary level the correlation among the traffic, economic, environmental and social development. Within its framework, the Council gathers scientists in sections, which cover the following relevant areas: traffic safety; traffic technique and technology; traffic ecology; traffic medicine; smart transport systems and logistics; traffic economics and traffic law; as well as international co-operation with scientific and professional traffic institutions in Europe.

The Scientific Council for Traffic operates in ten sections:

1. Section for Road and City Traffic

  • Prof. DSc Gordana Štefančić, Head
  • Prof. DSc Ivan Županović, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Grgo Luburić, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Josip Brnić
  • Prof. DSc Damir Pološki
  • Prof. DSc Ljupko Šimunović
  • Prof. DSc Davor Brčić
  • DSc Ivo Jakovljević
  • DSc Vladimir Marić
  • DSc Stipan Matoš
  • DSc Antun Presečki


2. Section for Railway and Inter-Modal Traffic

  • Prof. DSc Tomislav Josip Mlinarić, Head
  • DSc Nikolina Brnjac, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Srećko Kreč, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Zdravko Toš
  • Prof. DSc Jasmina Pašagić Škrinjar
  • Prof. DSc Jasna Blašković Zavada
  • DSc Ivan Švaljek
  • DSc Mladen Nikšić
  • DSc Hrvoje Haramina

3. Air Traffic Section

  • Prof. DSc Stanislav Pavlin, Head
  • DSc Tomislav Mihetec, Deputy
  • DSc Slavko Roguljić, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Sanja Steiner
  • Prof. DSc Doris Novak
  • Prof. DSc Željko Marušić

4. Section for Informational and Communicational Traffic

  • Prof. DSc Dragan Peraković, Head
  • Prof. DSc Zvonko Kavran, Deputy
  • DSc Dino Županović, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Slavko Šarić
  • Prof. DSc Božidar Tepeš
  • Prof. DSc Sadko Mandžuka
  • DSc Ivana Ćavar
  • DSc Božidar Ivanković
  • DSc Miroslav Vujić

5. Section for Traffic in Internal Waterways

  • Prof. DSc Natalija Jolić, Head
  • Prof. DSc Josip Marušić, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Pero Vidan, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Marko Pršić
  • Prof. DSc Alen Jugović
  • Prof. DSc Nikola Račić

6. International Co-Operation Section

  • Prof. DSc Sanja Steiner, Head
  • Prof. DSc Dražen Vikić-Topić, Deputy
  • DSc Ivan Mišetić, Secretary
  • Franjo Tomić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Prof. DSc Samir Čaušević
  • Prof. DSc Elen Twrdy

7. Section for Smart Transport Systems and Logistics

  • Prof. DSc Dubravka Bjegović, Head
  • Prof. DSc Damir Medak, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Planko Rožić, Secretary
  • Prof. DSc Tatjana Rukavina
  • Prof. DSc Vesna Dragčević
  • Prof. DSc Stjepan Lakušić
  • Prof. DSc Neven Kuspilić
  • Prof. DSc Zorislav Sorić
  • Prof. DSc Ljudevit Krpan
  • DSc Petar Feletar

8. Traffic Ecology Section

  • Prof. DSc Jasna Golubić, Head
  • Prof. DSc Vladimir Koroman, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Mladen Garašić, Secretary
  • Ivan Cifrić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Marin Hraste, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • DSc Srećko Božičević

9. Traffic Medicine and Traffic Safety Section

  • Prof. DSc Rosanda Mulić, Head
  • Prof. DSc Marija Definis Gojanović, Deputy
  • DSc Sinan Alispahić, Secretary
  • Zvonko Kusić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Marko Pećina, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Prof. DSc Darko Ropac
  • Prof. DSc Željko Metelko
  • DSc Marko Periša

10. Traffic Economics and Traffic Law Section

  • Prof. DSc Tonći Lazibat, Head
  • Prof. DSc Marinko Jurčević, Deputy
  • Prof. DSc Mihaela Bukljaš Skočibušić, Secretary
  • Davorin Rudolf, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Gordan Družić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Zvonimir Baletić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy
  • Prof. DSc Šefkija Čekić
  • Prof. DSc Lajoš Žager
  • Prof. DSc Božo Skoko
  • Prof. DSc Dražen Lalić
  • Prof. DSc Slobodan Kaštela
  • DSc Goran Vojković
  • DSc Miroslav Drljača

The Scientific Council for Traffic numbers more than one hundred members from the fields of traffic and related scientific disciplines, who are elected for a four-year mandate with the possibility of re-election.