Scientific Councils HAZU

The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Traffic

Chair: Ivan Petrović ,F.C.A.,

Prof. Sanja Steiner, Ph.D.,
Prof. Natalija Kavran, Ph.D.,

Secretary: Asst. Prof. Igor Štimac, Ph.D.,

Administrator: Gordana Poletto Ružić, +385 01 4895 144 ,

The Scientific Council for Traffic deals with topics concerning all branches of traffic in its scope of work and research domain. It studies at interdisciplinary level the correlation among the traffic, economic, environmental and social development. Within its framework, the Council gathers scientists in sections, which cover the following relevant areas: traffic safety; traffic technique and technology; traffic ecology; traffic medicine; smart transport systems and logistics; traffic economics and traffic law; as well as international co-operation with scientific and professional traffic institutions in Europe.