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The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection

Chair:  Goran Durn, F.C.A.

Vice-chair: Marina Mlakar, Ph.D.

Secretary:  Igor Anić, F.C.A.

Administrator: Zrinka Muhek, phone: +3851 4895 169, e-mail:

Goran Durn, F.C.A. was appointed chair of the Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection for a term of four years, starting on September 25, 2019. Members of the Scientific Council were appointed for a term of office of 4 years, starting on October 30, 2019.

Activities of the Scientific Council
Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection through its sections (Water Section, Soil Section, Climate Section, Forest Section, Waste Management Section and Biodiversity Protection Section) cares for water, soil, biosphere, and air and promotes the protection and management of these goods in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner.

Foto 8 / Igor Anić

  • June 14, 2022 lectures


Lecturer Krešo Pandžić, Ph.D. (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb)


Lecturers prof. Ranko Biondić, Ph.D. (Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb) and  Ivan Güttler, Ph.D.

Moderator Goran Durn, F.C.A., Council chair

Lecturer prof. dr. sc. Davor Romić, Ph.D., moderator prof. Gabrijel Ondrašek, Ph.D., head of Council’s Water section

Lecturer prof. Aleksandra Anić Vučinić, Ph.D., (Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb), moderator prof. Sanja Kalambura, Ph.D., head of Council’s Waste Management Section

Lecturer Ivica Vilibić, Ph.D., (Ruđer Bošković Institute), moderator Goran Durn, F.C.A., Council chair

Lecturer Darko Stipaničev, Ph.D., moderator akademik Goran Durn, F.C.A.

Lecturer Zoran Kovač, Ph.D.

Lecturer prof. Marijan Herak, Ph.D.


The activity of the Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection in the coming year, as always, will depend on the engagement of each member, i.e., on the results and success achieved by each section in its thematic area. Although the usual rhythm of activities is planned, that is, the celebration of expected occasions, such as days or jubilee anniversaries of individual resources or events, the work of the Council in 2021 will be adapted to epidemiological conditions and recommendations. The Executive Board of the Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection will meet, where appropriate, with dynamics tailored to the needs of dealing with ongoing or other “forced” reasons. If the situation dictates, meetings will take place via internet platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.).

As the Council operates through its sections, the work plan of the Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection is presented by the activities of individual sections.

    Head: prof. Gabrijel Ondrašek, Ph.D. / e-mail:

Foto 6 / Goran Durn

The usual traditional celebration of International Water Day, March 22, is planned, in which many members of the section will also participate in several events and appropriately.
As part of the international graduate study programme Inter-EnAgro, several seminars and workshops will be held within the module “Water management in agriculture” on the topics of protection and management of water resources in the (agro)environment.
Numerous section members will present the latest findings in the field of water resource protection at the 56th Croatian International Symposium on Agriculture, Vodice, February 2021.
A new model for selecting groundwater monitoring stations for the implementation of the Nitrate Directive entitled: “A novel LUMNAqSoP Approach for Prioritizing Groundwater Monitoring Stations for Implementation of the Nitrates Directive” will be presented.
Depending on the development of the COVID crisis, in the second part of the year it is possible to organize a previously planned scientific set of working titles: “Pollution of water and land resources” – in the premises of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

    Head: prof. Ivica Kisić, Ph.D. / e-mail:

Foto 1 / Goran Durn

In cooperation with the Croatian Soil Science Society, we will participate in the celebration of World Soil Day, scheduled for December 2021.

Round table will be organized in cooperation with the Croatian Catholic University on the topic: “The ground of our daily life”, scheduled for May – June 2021, at the Croatian Catholic University.

In cooperation with the Croatian Soil Science Society and the Croatian Soil Treatment Society, we will participate in the organization of the congress “Agriculture and Environmental Protection” which will be held in Osijek, in May 2021.

Members of the Soil Section will participate in some round tables and workshops on soil protection and preservation.

Foto 5 / Goran Durn

The climate section plans the following activities:

Lecture: “Special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the impact of climate change on soil degradation, desertification, sustainable soil use, food safety and greenhouse gases in terrestrial ecosystems”, on the occasion of environmental day 2021.

 Lecture: “Overview of projects for adaptation to climate change in the Republic of Croatia with application in agriculture and water protection”

Foto 4 / Goran Durn

In 2021, the Forest Section of the Scientific Council for Nature and Environmental Protection will act together with the Forestry Section of the Scientific Council for Agriculture and Forestry. Planned:

– to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Forest Breeding of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb as the basic organizational unit from which three regular members of the Croatian Academy of Sciences originated and within which the Zagreb School of Forest Cultivation was created,

– to discuss the impact of sub-forest management and biodiversity conservation measures on the degree of naturalness of Croatian forests.

The section will participate in the celebration of World Forest Day on March 21st and cooperate with the International Association Pro Silva, the Academy of Forestry Sciences, the Croatian Forestry Society, the Faculty of Forestry, the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Forestry Institute in activities promoting forests and forestry in the Republic of Croatia.

Foto 3 / Goran Durn

The Waste Management Section plans the following activities:

– March 2021, one or more lectures on the justification of recycling and circular economy systems

– June 2021, round table on waste management in the City of Zagreb

– November 2021, lecture on the rehabilitation and closure of landfills in the Republic of Croatia

– education and public relations projects in the field of waste management

Foto 7 / Goran Durn

The Biodiversity Section plans the following activities:

– lecture “Flora of Croatia – diversity and state of research”, April 2021, at the premises of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

– lecture “Phylogeographic of selected representatives of Croatian flora”, September 2021, in the premises of the Croatian Academy of Sciences

– lecture “Invasive species – condition and perspectives”, November 2021, at the premises of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.




MEMBERS OF THE SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL (appointed for a term of 4 years, starting on  October 30, 2019):

    1. Antun Alegro, Ph.D.
    2. Aleksandra Anić Vučinić, Ph.D.
    3. Igor Anić, F.C.A.
    4. Prof. Zlatan Bajraktarević, Ph.D.
    5. Ferdo Bašić, F.C.A.
    6. Čedomir Branković, Ph.D.
    7. Prof. Mihaela Britvec, Ph.D.
    8. Dragan Dekaris, F.C.A.
    9. Tomislav Domanovac
    10. Prof. Paula Durbešić, Ph.D.
    11. Goran Durn, F.C.A.
    12. Danko Fundumlja, dipl. ing.
    13. Branka Grbec, Ph.D.
    14. Adriana Grzunov
    15. Prof. Sanja Gottstein, Ph.D.
    16. Dr. sc. Branko Grisogono, Ph.D.
    17. Prof. Vlado Guberac, Ph.D.
    18. Ivan Gušić, F.C.A.
    19. Alen Hadžić, MS
    20. Prof. Jasna Hrenović, Ph.D.
    21. Prof. Stjepan Husnjak, Ph.D.
    22. Sibila Jelaska, F.C.A.
    23. Tomislav Jemrić, Ph.D.
    24. Mladen Juračić, F.C.A.
    25. Dejan Kalambura, dipl. oec.
    26. Sanja Kalambura, Ph.D.
    27. Zvonimir Kalušin, dipl. ing.
    28. Prof. Ivica Kisić, Ph.D.
    29. Prof. Darko Kiš, Ph.D.
    30. Prof. Goran Kniewald, Ph.D.
    31. Josip Kovačević, Ph.D.
    32. Zoran Kovač, Ph.D.
    33. Žarko Kovač, Ph.D.
    34. Prof. Davor Kralik, Ph.D.
    35. Prof. Petar Kružić, Ph.D.
    36. Ivka Kvaternjak
    37. Biljana Kulišić
    38. Javor Bojan Leš
    39. Tanja Likso, MS
    40. Akademik Nikola Ljubešić , F.C.A.
    41. Mirjana Matešić, dipl. ing.
    42. Prof. Darko Maver, Ph.D.
    43. Darko Mihelj, dipl. ing.
    44. Zlatko Milanović, Ph.D.
    45. Marina Mlakar, Ph.D.
    46. Prof. Milorad Mrakovčić, Ph.D.
    47. Suzana Mrkoci, dipl. ing.
    48. Jasmina Mužinić, Ph.D.
    49. Prof. Toni Nikolić, Ph.D.
    50. Prof. Gabrijel Ondrašek, Ph.D.
    51. Mirko Orlić, F.C.A.
    52. Prof. Krešimir Pandžić, Ph.D.
    53. Gordana Pehnec Pavlović
    54. Slavko Perica, Ph.D.
    55. Prof. Milan Poljak, Ph.D.
    56. Prof. Ante Radnić, Ph.D.
    57. Bojan Ribić, dipl. ing.
    58. Prof. Davor Romić, Ph.D.
    59. Prof. Maja Romić, Ph.D.
    60. Stanko Ružičić, Ph.D.
    61. Prof. Daniel Rolph Schneider, Ph.D.
    62. Vlatko Silobrčić, F.C.A.
    63. Prof.Dinko Sinčić, Ph.D.
    64. Prof. Ivan Sondi, Ph.D.
    65. Siniša Srečec, Ph.D.
    66. Lucija Šerić Jelaska, Ph.D.
    67. Ana Špehar, dipl. ing.
    68. Andrija Špoljar
    69. Franjo Tomić, F.C.A.
    70. Sandra Tucak Zorić, Ph.D.
    71. Martina Tudor, Ph.D.
    72. Anita Udovičić
    73. Želimir Veinović, Ph.D.
    74. Ivica Vilibić, Ph.D.
    75. Neven Voća, Ph.D.
    76. Višnjica Vučetić, Ph.D.
    77. Dario Brdarić, Ph.D.
    78.  Nives Jovičić, Mag. ing. agr.
    79. Ljerka Regule-Bevilacqua, Ph.D.


Foto 2 / Ivan Sondi