Main tasks of the Academy

The main tasks of the Academy have been defined in Arlicle 3 of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Act as follows:

  1. The Academy promotes and organizes scientific research and encourages the application of the findings of this research, develops artistic and cultural activities, and is concemed with Croatian cultural heritage and its affirmation throughout the world;
  2. It publishes the results of scientific research and artistic creation;
  3. It makes proposals and gives its opinion on the promotion of sciences and arts in the fields which are of special importance to the Republic of Croatia.

The Croatian Academy’s scientific and artistic activities are carried out through its nine departments, as well as through its scientific councils and committees, and scientific and research units (institutes), which will be described in the following chapters. The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts collaborates with other academies of sciences and arts, universities, scientific institutions, state bodies, cultural and other institutions, as well as with individual scholars and artists from Croatia and abroad.

Among the most important of the Academy s numerous publications are: Građa za povijest književnosti hrvatske (Documents for the history of Croatian literature, 34 volumes);  Diplomatički  zbornik Kraljevine Hrvatske, Dalmacije i Slavonije (The Diplomatic Codex of the Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia, 19 volumes); Noviji pisci hrvatski (Modem Croatian Writers, 12 volumes); Hrvatski latinisti (Croatian Latinists, 11 volumes); Građa  za gospodarsku povijest Hrvatske (Documents for the Economic History of Croatia, 21 volumes); Djela (Works, 80 volumes), which publish monographs on Croatia as a country, its history, and language; Prirodoslovna istraživanja (Natural History Studies, 107 volumes); Pomorsko pravo (Maritime Law, 6 volumes); Građa za pomorsku povijest Dubrovnika (Documents for the Naval History of Dubrovnik, 6 volumes); Problemi sjevernog Jadrana (Problems of the Northem Adriatic, 6 volumes), etc.

The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts has organized over one hundred scientific meetings and conferences, evaluating works of important Croats throughout history. In addition, it has organized a number of symposia focusing on the history and economic development of Croatian regions and towns, as well as on the problems of Croatia’s development. The Academy has published the following dictionaries. Mažuranić’s Prinosi za hrvatski pravno-povijesni rječnik  (Contributions for a Croatian Historical Dictionary, 11 volumes), Benešic’s Rječnik hrvatskog književnog jezika od preporoda do l. G. Kovačića (Dictionary of the Croatian Literary Language from the National Revival to I. G. Kovačić, in 12 volumes) Rječnik hrvatskoga kajkavskog književnog jezika (A Dictionary of Croatian Literary Kajkavian, 8 volumes). Work on the large Rječnik hrvatskog ili srpskog jezika (Dictionary of the Croatian or Serbian Language, 97 vol.) went on for almost one hundred years.

Codex diplomaticus
Codex diplomaticus – Croatian diplomatic codex

Hrvatska i Europa
Croatia and Europe – an encyclopaedic project of the Academy