Committees HAZU

Committees, which can be permanent or temporary, are established by the Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts as its subsidiary bodies to consider certain areas of the Academy’s activities. Academy classes may establish committees to address certain issues within their scope.

International Cooperation Committee

President: Mladen Žinić, F.C.A.


  • Davorin Rudolf, F.C.A., Department of Social Sciences
  • Mladen Žinić, F.C.A., Department of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences
  • Vlatko Silobrčić, F.C.A., Department of Natural Sciences
  • Slobodan Vukičević, F.C.A., Department of Medical Sciences
  • Mislav Ježić, F.C.A., Department of Philological Sciences
  • Mladen Machiedo, F.C.A., Department of Literature
  • Petar Barišić, F.C.A., Department of Fine Arts
  • prof. Vjera Katalinić PhD., Department of Music and Musicology
  • Sven Lončarić, F.C.A., Department of Technical Sciences
  • Dario Vretenar, F.C.A., representative of CASA Administration

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