Scientific Councils HAZU

The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Technological Development

Chair: Sven Lončarić, F.C.A.
Vice-chair: prof. Ivica Smojver, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb,

Administrator: Kim Sombolac, +385 01 4895 170,

Mission and area of activity

The fundamental mission of the Council is to consider and propose appropriate activities for conducting the national technology policy.

The activities of the Council include those areas of science and technology that have a direct impact on industrial production in the Republic of Croatia, and particularly on the increase in the production of added value and exports. Council recommendations and opinions on current topics, resulting from discussions and presentations by eminent scientists, are printed in the Bulletin of the Department of Technical Sciences.