Committees HAZU

Committees, which can be permanent or temporary, are established by the Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts as its subsidiary bodies to consider certain areas of the Academy’s activities. Academy classes may establish committees to address certain issues within their scope.

Committee for “Croatia and Europe” project

Committee chair: akademik Mislav Ježić

Editor in chief of “Croatia nad Europe” edition: akademik Mislav Ježić

Administrator: Zrinka Muhek  4895 169, e-mail:

General information

The promotion of the Croatian culture, sciences and arts in Europe by the means of exchanging the Croatia and Europe edition in English and French with scientific, cultural and arts institutions abroad; presenting the edition to foreign embassies and politicians; organising round tables, lectures, symposia etc. at home and abroad.

Committee members

  1. Mislav Ježić, F.C.A., president
  2. Ivan Supičić, F.C.A., member
  3. Eduard Hercigonja, F.C.A., member
  4. Žarko Dadić, F.C.A., member
  5. Dragan Dekaris, F.C.A., member
  6. Ante Žužul, member

IV. volume in English

V. volume in Croatian