Departments HAZU

Departments are the bearers of the Academy’s tasks. The working composition of the departments consists of regular members, and the wider composition also includes correspondent members and associate members.

I. Department of Social Sciences

Secretary: Gordan Družić, F.C.A.
Deputy secretary: Branko Despot, F.C.A.

Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 11, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 01 4895 169
Central: +385 01 4895 111

The Department of Social Sciences encompasses historical sciences,  ethnology, archaeology, law, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, economy, and demography.

Research is carried out at the following research units: the Institute of Historical and Social Sciences in Zagreb (and its historical sciences, archaeology, ethnology, and economic research divisions); the Institute of Historical Sciences in Rijeka, Pula, Zadar and Dubrovnik; the Adriatic Institute in Zagreb; the Juraj Križanić Cabinet of Legal, Political and Sociological Sciences in Zagreb; and in interdisciplinary institutes: the Institute for Scientific and Artistic Work in Split; the Institute for Scientific Work in Osijek and the Institute for Scientific Research and Artistic Work in Bjelovar.

The CASA’s scientific councils also operate within the Department: the Scientific Council for Government Administation, Judicature and the Rule of Law, the Scientific Council for Peace and Human Rights, the Scientific Council for Economic Research, and the Croatian Economy and the Scientific Council for Research of Relations between Croatia and the European Southeast in a historical perspective.

Of all the Academy’s Departments, the Department of Social Sciences has the largest publishing activity (about a third of all publications published in the CASA).

Since the department’s beginning, a number of very distinguished members in the field of historical, legal, philosophical, and economic sciences have contributed to its work. This list includes Franjo Rački, Tadija Smičiklas, Vjekoslav Klaić, Grga Novak, Albert Bazala, Baltazar Bogišić, Fran Vrbanić, Mijo Mirković, Juraj Andrassy, Eugen Pusić, Jakov Sirotković, Franjo Tuđman, Dušan Bilandžić, Josip Županov, Vladimir Ibler i Vladimir Stipetić, as well as several corresponding members – including the Nobel Laureates Ian Tinbergen and Herbert Simon, and  friar Bonaventura Duda.