Departments HAZU

Departments are the bearers of the Academy’s tasks. The working composition of the departments consists of regular members, and the wider composition also includes correspondent members and associate members.

I. Department of Social Sciences

Secretary: Gordan Družić, F.C.A.
Deputy secretary: Branko Despot, F.C.A.

Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 11, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385(0)14895169
Centre: +385(0)14895111

The Department of Social Sciences encompasses historical sciences,  ethnology, archaeology, law, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, economy, and demography.
Research is carried out at the following research units: the Institute for Historical and Social Sciences in Zagreb (and its historical sciences, archaeology, ethnology, and economic research divisions); the Institutes for Historical Sciences in Rijeka, Pula, Zadar and Dubrovnik; the Adriatic Institute in Zagreb; the Juraj Križanić Cabinet of Legal, Political and Sociological Sciences in Zagreb; and interdisciplinary institutes: the Institute for Scientific and Artistic Work in Split, the Institute for Scientific Work in Osijek, and the Institute for Scientific Work in Varaždin.

Since the department’s beginning, a number of very distinguished members in the field of historical, legal, philosophical, and economic sciences have contributed to its work. This list includes Franjo RačkiTadija Smičiklas,Vjekoslav KlaićGrga NovakAlbert BazalaBaltazar BogišićJuraj Andrassy,Fran Vrbanić, and Mijo Mirković, as well as several corresponding members, including the Nobel Laureates John Kenneth GalbraithJan Tinbergen andHerbert Simon.

The Department is in charge of the following scientific projects, the majority of which engage in long-term research: The History of IstriaThe History of the Ragusan RepublicThe History of DalmatiaRomanization and Christianization of the Croatian ContinentThe Early Greek Inscriptions in the Area of the Eastern AdriaticThe Christianization of Rural Areas in Northern DalmatiaThe History of Croatian Mediaeval LawThe General Theory of Legal and Social Regulation;The Publication of the Collected Works of Fran Petrić (Petris)The Study of Demographic History on the Territory of the Republic of CroatiaThe Scientific Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage of SalonaA Dictionary of Croatian Legal and Administrative Terms from the Early Nineteenth Century to the Present. The research group Law and Society-Fundamental Research is active within the department. The department is active within the project entitled Modernisation of the Law, while in co-operation with all other departments of the Academy, work is underway on the project entitled Croatia – Determinants and Directions.