Scientific Councils HAZU

The task of the Academy Councils is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist scientific and professional research in their scientific and artistic fields. For this purpose, the councils bring together scientific and professional institutions and prominent scientists and experts in the field of their activities.

Scientific Council for Oil and Gas Economy and Power Supply

Chair: Ivan Petrović, F.C.A.

Vice-chair: Prof. Mladen Zeljko, Ph.D. / Prof. Zoran Čogelja, Ph.D.

Administrator: Gordana Poletto Ružić 4895 144, e-mail:

The task of the Council
Main tasks of the Scientific Council for oil and gas economy and energy of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts are: encouraging, improving, assisting, and organizing scientific research related to the field of oil and gas economy as well as energy in general. The Scientific Council brings together scientific and professional institutions, organizations and companies, as well as scientific and professional workers in the fields of oil and gas exploration and acquisition, oil processing and the application of its derivatives, the use of gas for energy and petrochemical purposes, the production, transmission and distribution of energy from both conventional and renewable sources, energy efficiency and planning as well as environmental protection, all with the aim of promoting the results achieved in these areas. The areas in which the Scientific Council operates relate to all phases of research and production processes of total primary energy or its efficiency as well as to the constant care of environmental protection:

  • hydrocarbon exploration;
  • obtaining, collecting and transporting hydrocarbons;
  • geothermal water exploration, production and use of geothermal energy;
  • transport and storage of oil, natural gas and petroleum products,
  • oil and natural gas in energy and their economic, political and social significance;
  • petrochemicals;
  • oil refining and production of petroleum products, their consumption, imports and exports;
  • oil and gas in Croatia’s long-term energy balance;
  • production of energy from conventional and unconventional sources;
  • energy transmission and distribution;
  • renewable energy sources;
  • energy efficiency;
  • energy planning;
  • environmental protection;
  • economics of the energy economy

In its work, the Scientific Council acts in accordance with the principle that all scientific research from fundamental and applied to development-technological is interconnected. The main focus in its work is on the possibility of transferring scientific solutions directly to the appropriate production processes for their improvement. By participating in the development and promotion of scientific work in social bodies and the economy, the Scientific Council supports the upbringing of young scientific staff and creates conditions that will enable wide versatile and creative work for scientists based on a modern scientific approach.

Council activities

  • July 1 July 2021 The Council organized an online Roundtable

How to use EU funds for just transition fund in Croatia

at which presentations were held

Prof. Igor Dekanić, Ph.D.: Market challenges and energy transition

Ivan Medarac, MS: How to use the Just Transition Fund in Croatia

Marijan Andrašec, Ph.D.: Proposal for implementation of projects based on the situation at the proposed locations

Davor Žmegač, Ph.D. / Nenad Marinović: Petrokemija d.d. Kutina-Energy Transition