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Institute for Scientific Research and Artistic Work in Koprivnica-Križevci County

Head of: Franjo Tomić, F.C.A.
Director: Ivan Peklić, Ph.D.

Ivana Zakmardija Dijankovečkoga 3, 48260 Križevci
Phone +385 0 48  629 389
Cel phone: +385 091 300 0518

The Institute for Scientific Research and Artistic Work of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Koprivnica-Križevci County in Križevci was founded in 2013. Although it operates in the area of Koprivnica-Križevci County, the Institute opens up opportunities for activities in the wider area.

The activity of the Institute includes:

  • scientific and professional research in the field of biotechnical sciences (scientific field: agriculture (agronomy), forestry, wood technology biotechnology, food technology, interdisciplinary biotechnical sciences), as well as social sciences and humanities in cooperation with external scientific and professional associates;
  • organizing scientific conferences, consultations, workshops and public lectures relevant for the development of science and the application of scientific research results in practice;
  • organizing exhibitions and workshops in the field of biotechnical, social sciences and humanities;
  • publishing the results of scientific research and artistic work in appropriate editions, in accordance with the Academy’s criteria in the field of publishing activities.


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