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The Institute for Corrosion Research and Desalinization in Dubrovnik

Director:  Franjo Ivušić, Ph.D.
Vlaha Bukovca 14, 20000 Dubrovnik
Phone +385 0 20 423 110

The Institute for Corrosion Research and Desalinization in Dubrovnik was founded in 1965. It is the only scientific institution on the eastern Adriatic whose primary task is the exploration of corrosion and metal protection in sea water. Taking into consideration the length and indentedness of the Croatian coast, the influence of the climate and the sea on the destructive processes of metal constructions near the coast, as well as on vessels, platforms for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, pipe-lines, bridges and reinforced concrete, financial losses in the country’s economy resulting from these processes are immense.

Results of the work of the institute’s members are published in international and Croatian journals, and are presented at conferences at home and abroad. At this point, several practical solutions have been found which aid in the protection of metals from corrosion in various sectors of the economy.

In addition to scientific research, the institute also participates in the practical application of its projects, such as the desalinization of the supply of drinking water for the islands of Lastovo and Mljet, as well as the economic effects of the use of solar energy in the desalinization process.

The institute’s positive results have enabled cooperation and common projects with international and Croatian institutions, specifically the European Corrosion Federation and the Ministry for Reconstruction and Development on the program for the revitalization of the islands.

Franjo Ivušić, Ph.D. was appointed as director of the Institute for a period of four years starting from the April, 2 2019.

Samostan svetoga Jakova

St Jacob’s monastery, Dubrovnik, headquarters of the Institute for Corrosion Research and Desalinization



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