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Cabinet for Architecture and Urbanism with the Archives of Fine Arts in Zagreb

Cabinet for Architecture and Urbanism with the Archives of Fine Arts
Head of: Velimir Neidhardt, F.C.A.
Director:  Jasenka Ferber Bogdan, M.A. Art Hist. and Ethnology
Address: Hebrangova 1, 10000 Zagreb
Archives of Fine Arts
Address: Gundulićeva 24/I, Zagreb
Phone: +385 01 4825 406

The Cabinet for Architecture and Urban Planning studies the cultural and historical heritage in the fields of architecture and urban planning. The cabinet includes the Archives of Fine Arts.

Velimir Neidhardt, F.C.A. was appointed head of the Cabinet for Architecture and Urban Planning for a term of four years starting on April 16, 2020.
Jasenka Ferber Bogdan was appointed Cabinet Manager for a term of four years starting on March 10, 2020.

The Archives of Fine Arts were founded in 1952 as the only Croatian institution dedicated to the systematic collection, processing, and preservation of fundamental documentary materials related to the Croatian fine arts of the nineteenth and twentieth century. The institution was established on the basis of materials from private donations given between the second half of the nineteenth century and the end of World War II. Numerous donations make it necessary to organize the archival holdings into collections and catalogues, which form a database of Croatian historical and artistic heritage. Data concerning contemporary fine arts in Croatia are continuously collected and analyzed here. Most of the archival materials are of unique value.
The materials are thematically divided into seven collections: the catalogue collection, the author files, the exhibition files, the periodicals collection, artists’ correspondence, personal archives, the archives of art societies, and the photograph collection.

These materials are an invaluable source of information for museum and gallery exhibitions, fine arts monographs, and scholarly works.


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