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The Archives

Head of: Nikša Stančić, F.C.A.
Strossmayerov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb
Working with users and reading room +385 01 4895 107
The Oriental Collection +385 01 4895 161
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The Archives of the Croatian Academy were established in 1867. The commencement of its work coincided with the founding of the Academy. The Archives contain archival and other materials which are an essential part of the heritage of Croatia and other nations, from the period from the eleventh century up to the present. This treasure is an essential part of the Croatian national science, culture and art.

It is one of the most important collections not only in the Republic of Croatia, but also in Central and Southern Europe. The Archives are especially rich in Glagolitic (Croatian) and Arabic manuscripts (in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Croatian); the most valuable are the Glagolitic and Oriental Collections; the collection of Latin script and Cyrillic manuscripts is also impressive. The legacies of a number of major national figures, who left their marks in the Croatian science, culture, politics, etc, are also deposited in the Archives (R. Bošković, P. Preradović, I. Kukuljević, E. Fermendžin, B. Magovac, I. Mažuranić, F. Rački, T. Smičiklas, and others). One of the largest legacies is that of Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, the founder of the Academy.

Apart from their expert archival, art-conservation, restoration and other functions, the Archives officers are also engaged in research and exhibition activities. The Archives are divided into a number of units: the Central Collection (manuscripts, personal documents, legacies, old administrative archives of the Croatian Academy, filigree, cartographic, sigilographic, and other collections, diplomas, photograph collection, etc.), the Oriental Collection, various other collections, the Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation, a photo-laboratory, a bookbinding workshop, and the Central and Oriental Reference Libraries. The Archives publish the journal Arhiv (The Archives).


 Poljički statut
The Statute of Poljica, manuscript dating
from the end of the 15th century,
written on paper in Bosnian Cyrillic script

Pismo Charlesa Darwina
Letter from Charles Darwin to
naturalist Spiridion Brusina (1869),
the Academy’s Archives

Pismo Rudjera Boškovića
Letter from Ruđer Bošković to
Ragusan senator L. A. Sorgo (1780),
the Croatian Academy’s Archives

Pismo Franza Listza
Letter from Franz Liszt to
Josip Juraj Strossmayer (1880),
the Academy’s Archives



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