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Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka in Korčula

Address: Put sv. Nikole bb, 20260 Korčula

The collection of Maksimilijan Vanka, along with his house and studio in Korčula, were donated to the Academy in 1964 by his widow, Margaret Stettin Vanka. Vanka’s villa was adapted for the presentation of the Memorial Collection, and its was opened to the public in 1969. Maksimilijan Vanka (Zagreb, 11 October 1889-Puerto Vallorta, Mexico, 2 February 1963) is an important name in modern Croatian painting. He wad educated in Zagreb and Brussels. He was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, and a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb until his departure to the United States in 1936. The collection of Maksimilijan Vanka in Korčula presents a cross-section of his work from the 1920s until his death. It consists of dozens of paintings, watercolors, pastels and drawings, showing Vanka’s art from the monumentalism of New Reality, through the influence of Van Gogh and expressionism, to later constructivist tendencies. The newly adapted building which houses the collection was opened in 1998.

Galerija Maksimilijana Vanke
The Gallery of Maksimilijan Vanka on the island of Korčula


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