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Adriatic Institute

Head of: Jakša Barbić, F.C.A.

Šenoina 4, 10000 Zagreb
Phone +385(0)14920733
Fax +385(0)14812703

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The Adriatic Institute was founded in 1945 and it focuses on the study of maritime and sea law.

The institute collects, studies, and analyzes data related to Croatian and foreign legislation, and to judicial and arbitration practice in maritime and sea law.

For forty years now, the Adriatic Institute has been the publisher of the journal Usporedno pomorsko pravo – Comparative Maritime Law, the only Croatian periodical exclusively dedicated to issues of maritime and sea law. The members of the institute and its numerous external collaborators publish the results of their research in this journal.

The institute members work continuously on long-term research projects which are supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia.

The institute provides expert opinions, advice, and other forms of assistance to government authorities and institutions. In this respect the contribution of the institute to the making and development of Croatian maritime law deserves special mention.

The institute has a specialized library with over 30,000 titles. The library is open to institute members and external users.

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