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Division for the History of Medical Sciences

Director: Prof. Stella Fatović-Ferenčić, Ph. D.
Gundulićeva 24/III, 10000 Zagreb
Phone:+385 01 4825 412

The Division for the History of Medical Sciences, forming part of the Croatian Academy’s Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science, is an institution whose research focuses on the study, collection, and preservation of documentation concerning health culture, medical practice, and medical sciences in Croatia within the context of European and world history, as well as the philosophy of medical sciences and health care.

The richness and diversity of the division’s archival, museum and library holdings provide good opportunities for research and collaboration with individual scientists and similar institutions.

The division hosts courses of lectures on the History of Medicine, which are an integral part of the programs of the Zagreb School of Medicine.

The division includes rich Museum collection for the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, as a unique such collection on the Croatian territory.


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