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Division for the Philosophy of Science

Ante Kovačića 5, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 01 4698 220

The Division for the Philosophy of Science was founded in 1965 as an independent entity, the Institute for the Philosophy of Science and Peace. Its multidisciplinary approach focuses on science in general, and on natural and technical sciences in particular, exploring their internal structure and development, as well as their mutual relationships and relations with their wider cultural and historical context, i.e., with other human activities. This approach is based on the modern tendency in the philosophy of science according to which philosophical-scientific research should be founded on the history of science. Therefore, in 1992 the institute became a division of the new Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science.

The division’s interdisciplinary study of sciences focuses on physics, the philosophy of language, and ethics. The ultimate aim of its research is to found a new theory of scientific cognition.

The Division participates in the editing and publication of Encyclopaedia Moderna, a multidisciplinary journal which is published by the Croatian Academy. Moreover, the division’s researchers regularly attend the international seminar Philosophy of Science at the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik.

Encyclopedia Moderna

Encyclopedia Moderna, an interdisciplinary journal

Project: Croatian Scientific and Philosophical Heritage: Transfers and Appropriations of Knowledge from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century in the European Context


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