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The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters Library

Knjižnica Strossmayerove galerije

The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters Library of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts is the oldest museum-gallery library of the Academy, whose beginnings are intertwined with the formation of the art collection from which the Gallery grew.


Knjižnica Strossmayerove galerije starih majstora HAZU
Trg N. Š. Zrinskog 11
10 000 Zagreb

Indira Šamec Flaschar, library manager
+ 385 (0) 1 48 95 117

Stare Knjige

*Working Hours:

monday to friday from 8 to 16 h, or by arrangement.

Please announce your arrival in advance by phone + 385 (0) 1 48 95 117.