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Poglavlje o hrvatskoj leksikografiji dr. sc. Ivane Filipović Petrović u International Handbook of Modern Lexis and Lexicography

U travnju 2022., u knjizi International Handbook of Modern Lexis and Lexicography u izdanju njemačkog multinacionalnog nakladnika Springer, objavljeno je poglavlje The lexicography of Croatian autorice dr. sc. Ivane Filipović Petrović, znanstvene suradnice u Zavodu za lingvistička istraživanja Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti.

Sažetak iz poglavlja:

The focus of this chapter is Croatian lexicography, with emphasis on the following aspects: the rich tradition of multilingual and monolingual lexicography in the past, and active contemporary production of dictionaries, with an insight on the issues of lexicographical processing. Furthermore, special attention goes to the methodology for the selection of lexicographical evidence on which Croatian dictionaries are based, given that there are a respective number of contemporary Croatian general monolingual dictionaries that were created through the compilation of previous dictionaries with an important role played by introspection. Finally, given that Croatian e-lexicography shows some promising results, and with more and more research in Croatian linguistics being based on corpus data, this is the path which Croatian lexicography should follow in the future.