Bilateral cooperation

The Croatian Academy has a highly developed international cooperation on several levels – bilateral cooperation with other academies and multilateral cooperation related to the participation and engagement of HAZU representatives in numerous international scientific organizations.

HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area)

HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) – Humanities in the European Research Area – is a partnership between 24 Humanities Research Councils across Europe and the European Commission, with the objective of firmly establishing the humanities in the European Research Area and in the European Commission Framework Programmes.

The humanities are crucial to the understanding and conceptualising of fundamental changes in contemporary European society. Linking national programmes and launching joint research programmes dealing with all-encompassing social, cultural, political and ethical developments will generate new knowledge and enable policy-makers, scientists and the general public to interpret the challenges of a changing world. HERA aims to set new and innovative research agendas and thus enhance the humanities’ contribution to the European Research Area as well as to the ongoing debates on issues of particular relevance to European society.

HERA is dedicated to:

  • the coordination of national research policies;
  • the establishment of new Joint Research Programmes (JRPs);
  • defining methods for evaluating the impact of humanities research;
  • playing a pro-active role in promoting humanities on the European platform;
  • functioning as a broker for multilateral funding arrangements; and
  • assisting humanities researchers to succeed in FP7 calls.

Prof. Sean Ryder, National University of Ireland, Galway and member of the Irish Research Council is the Chair of the HERA Network Board. The Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK (AHRC) are the network coordinators.

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