White Harry

Corresponding members VIII. Department of Music and Musicology
White Harry

Date of birth:

  • 1958

Place of birth:

  • Dublin


White Harry

Corresponding members VIII. Department of Music and Musicology

Membership in the Academy:

  • corresponding member – Department of Music and Musicology (5/10/2018 – …)

Curriculum Vitae

Harry White, an Irish musicologist, was born on July 4, 1958 in Dublin, and since 1993 he has been a professor of music at the University College in Dublin.  He was a visiting professor in Canada, Croatia, Germany and the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Academy of St Cecilia in London and honorary member of the Croatian Musicological Society. From 2003 to 2006 he was the first president of the Irish Musicological Society. In 2005, he was awarded the title senior research fellowship of the  Irish government, in 2006 he was elected as a full member of the Royal Irish Academy, and in 2015 he became a member of the Academia Europaeae. Since 1990, he has been editor-in-chief (with Gerard Gillen) of Irish Musical Studies. He is a member of the editorial boards of several renowned musicological journals such as Current Musicology (New York), Journal of the Royal Musical Association (London), International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music (Zagreb), Canadian Journal of Irish Studies (Montreal) i Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland  (online edition). He has published three books in this area so far: The Keeper’s Recital: Music and Cultural History in Ireland, 1770-1970 (1998);  The Progress of Music in Ireland (2005) and Music and the Irish Literary Imagination (2008). He is the initiator and co-editor of the capital work of Irish musicology The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland (2013) in two volumes and the influential proceedings Musical Constructions of Nationalism. Essays in the History and Ideology of European Musical Culture 1800-1945 (2001).

Dr. Harry White is multiple times associated with Croatian musicology and music culture. In addition to his honorary membership in the Croatian Musicological Society (HMD), he is the co-editor of two proceedings published in HMD (Musical Theatre as an Elite Culture?; Musicology Without Borders), since 2001 he has been an active participant in a number of scientific conferences in Croatia, has given a series of lectures at the Department of Musicology of the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb and has organized several guest appearances by Croatian musicologists at several universities in Ireland.

He was elected as a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 2018.

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