Ehrlich Stanislav Duško

Corresponding members III. Department of Natural Sciences
Ehrlich Stanislav Duško

Date of birth:

  • 1943

Place of birth:

  • Zagreb


Ehrlich Stanislav Duško

Corresponding members III. Department of Natural Sciences

Academic titles:

  • Doctor of Science

Membership in the Academy:

  • corresponding member – Department of Natural Sciences – Razred za prirodne znanosti (1/30/1997. – …)

Curriculum Vitae

Stanislav Duško Ehrlich, Croatian biochemist, born in Zagreb on December 6, 1943. He graduated in organic chemistry and biochemistry in 1967 at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, and obtained PhD degree in Biochemistry at the University Paris VII, France. He was a research associate of Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Prize winner, in the Department of Genetics, Stanford University Medical School, California. He founded and directed Microbial Genetics Research Unit and the Microbiology Department at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). He also founded a start-up company Enterome, developing microbiome-based biomarkers. He was Research Director Emeritus at INRA, Professor at King’s College London and Chief Scientific Officer of Enterome.

His research interests are in Human Microbiome. His main focus is the gut microbiome, the most abundant and complex. Ehrlich’s team has developed an approach known as ‘quantitative metagenomics,’ which is based on high throughput sequencing of total DNA extracted from stools and powerful bioinformatics.

He authored or co-authored over 330 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 50 book chapters and 10 patents.

Awards: Grand Prix Scientifique del Duca de l’Institut de France, 2014, member of the American Academy of Microbiology, 2013, INRA Career Excellence Agricultural Research Award, 2008, member of the French Academy of Agriculture, 2007, member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1997.