Kaštela Slobodan

Associate members I. Department of Social Sciences
Kaštela Slobodan

Date of birth:

  • 09/13/1941

Place of birth:

  • Novigrad


  • Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zrinski trg 11, 10000 Zagreb


  • +385 098 319 400


Kaštela Slobodan

Associate members I. Department of Social Sciences

Academic titles:

  • scientific counsellor (07/04/2006 – …)
  • doctor of Science
  • full professor


  • Science advisor – Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (07/04/2006 – 08/31/2014)
  • associate professor – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Zagreb (06/14/2004 – 02/28/2011)

Functions in Academy:

  • head of – Institute for Scientific and Artistic Work in Bjelovar (09/24/2008 – 11/05/2020)
  • advisor to the President – Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (05/01/2012 – 08/31/2014)
  • director – Foundation of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1993. – 2014.)
  • manegement Board Member – Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1996. – 2012.)
  • secretary – Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (09/01/1978 – 04/30/2012)

Membership in Academy:

  • associate member – Department of Social Sciences (05/18/2006 – …)

Curriculum Vitae

Slobodan Kaštela was born in Novigrad ( Dalmatia ) on 13 September 1941 . Since 1946, he has been living in Zagreb, where he finished elementary school, grammar school and the study of law at the Faculty of Law, from which he received his bachelor’s degree in 1964.

He passed his bar examination in 1967. After having completed the Graduate Scientific Programme in Economic Development Policy, he received his master’s degree in 1991 from the Zagreb Graduate School of Economics and Business. In 1992, he was appointed teaching assistant, and in 1998, he was promoted to the post of lecturer. He received his doctor’s degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in July 2000. In 2001, he was appointed assistant professor at the same Faculty, and in 2004, he was promoted to the post of associate professor.

Professional career so far

  • Junior clerk at the Zagreb County Court
  • Company lawyer at Generalturist
  • Counsellor at the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia
  • Secretary-General of the Tourist Association of the City of Zagreb
  • Secretary of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (since 1978)

Since 1993 to 2011 was active as fellow at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

In addition to active teaching, since 1999, S. Kaštela has been permanently involved as researcher in the research projects of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

S. Kaštela has been awarded two medals and several other certificates of merit for his active work in the society.


  • Associate member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and arts since 2006.; reelected in 2016
  • World Academy of Art and Science
  • Scientific Council of the Academy’s Institute for Scientific Work in Varaždin
  • Scientific Council for Traffic of the Academy, vice chair
  • Scientific Council for Tourism of the Academy
  • Management Board of the Hrvatski kulturni klub (Croatian Cultural Club)
  • Secretary of the editorial board of the Academy’s major project Hrvatska i Europa (Croatia and Europe)
  • Associate of the Economic Research Institute of the Academy as well as of the Institute for Traffic and Traffic Links

In performing the duties of the Secretary of the CroatianAcademyof Sciences and Arts, S. Kaštela has proven himself to be an excellent legal mind as well as a successful organiser and co-ordinator of the Academy’s extremely complex tasks; hence, the Presidency of the Academy chose to repeatedly appoint him to the same post seven times.

In the very beginnings of his scientific research, S. Kaštela had mostly dealt with the issues regarding the legal and economic sciences; in the last decade, however, his main interest became the issues regarding traffic law, particularly air traffic law.

In 1991, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts published a book by S. Kaštela entitled Ekonomska znanost u radovima Jugoslavenske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti (The Economic Science in the Works of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts).

In 1998, students’ textbook entitled Osnove zračnog prava (The ABCs of Air Law) was published in co-authorship for the needs of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. The part of the textbook addressing air law was written by S. Kaštela. Furthermore, in 2001, students’ textbook entitled Zračno prometno pravo (Air Traffic Law) and written by a single author, S. Kaštela, was published. This textbook is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students. Moreover, in 2005, the book entitledFran Vrbanić Ekonomski spisi (Fran Vrbanić Economic Writings), for which S. Kaštela had written an extensive study enriched by footnotes and bibliography, was published.

In addition to the already mentioned books and textbooks, by the end of 2005, S. Kaštela has published 26 scientific papers and several dozens research papers. Being active for a number of years at the Parliamentary Council for Tourism and Traffic, he participated in the drafting of Croatia’s first Hospitality and Tourism Sectors Act (published in the Narodne novine – Official Journal), for which Act he, on two occasions, wrote expert commentaries.

As president of the Organisation Committee, S. Kaštela was the head organiser of a major international scientific symposium entitled Traffic Links Between Croatia and the European Countries Encouraging the Social, Economic and Cultural Development of the Northwest Croatia, which was held in Varaždin in November 2005.

He reviewed two books and three textbooks as well as several projects referred (for funding reasons) to the Ministry of Science and Technology. He furthermore either edited or co-edited eight books that were published by the CroatianAcademyof Sciences and Arts.

Slobodan Kaštela is an associate of the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute.


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