Horvat-Pintarić Vera, F.C.A.

Full members VII. Department of Fine Arts
Horvat-Pintarić Vera

Date of birth:

  • 03/07/1926

Place of birth:

  • Sisak


  • Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 11, 10000 Zagreb


  • +385 01 4895 169


Horvat-Pintarić Vera, F.C.A.

Full members VII. Department of Fine Arts

Academic titles:

  • fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • doctor of Science


  • Professor (retired) – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

Membership in Academy:

  • full member – Department of Fine Arts (05/18/2000 – …)


Vera Horvat Pintarić is a historian and art theorist born on March 7, 1926, in Sisak. She studied art history and archaeology at the University of Zagreb (grad. 1951, Ph.D. 1959). 1951 assistant in the Department of art history, University of Zagreb; 1962 senior lecturer, 1967 associate professor, and 1974–1999 full professor. In 1967, she founded the Department of Visual Communications and Design at the same faculty. In 1980–93 she conducted a postgraduate study of art history. She specialized in modern art in Paris (1960–61). Deals mainly with the problems of modern and contemporary art and art theory. Promoting critical thought, from her own theoretical points of view, in addition to painting, drawing, sculpture and architecture, she considers newer types of art and the interrelationships of fine arts and visual media culture. She has been a fellow of  the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2000 in the Department of Fine Arts.

Member of the editorial board and co-founder of »bit international« magazine. Editor of »bit« issues »The Word Image« (1969) and »Television Today« (1971). Member of the editorial board of »Europa letteraria« (1963–1977) and »Nuova rivista europea« (1978–1988). Author of educational programs on art within the educational program of Zagreb Television (1966–1977, 1986).

Lit.: V. H.-P., »Vjenceslav Richter«, Zagreb, 1970. V. H.-P., “Ikonika i optika Miroslava Šuteja,” in: »Umetnost«, 2, 1965, pp. 81–89. V. H.-P., “Vizualna kultura i problemi vizualnih komunikacija,” in: »Praxis«, 4/6, 1966, pp. 639–643.