Grübel Rainer

Corresponding members VI. Department of Literature
Grübel Rainer

Date of birth:

  • 1942

Place of birth:

  • Leipzig


Grübel Rainer

Corresponding members VI. Department of Literature

Academic titles:

  • professor emeritus

Membership in the Academy:

  • corresponding member – Department of Literature (5/15/2014 – …)

Curriculum Vitae

Rainer Grübel, professor emeritus of Slavic languages and literature, was born on December 26, 1942, in Leipzig. He defended his dissertation on Russian constructivism under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lauer in 1976 at the University of Göttingen. Already in those years, he devoted himself to the study of the famous founders of literary scientific modeling of Mikhail Bahtin and Yuri Lotman, and translated their main works into German, publishing them in the most respected publishing houses (Suhrkamp). 

From 1976 to 1979 he was a research associate and then a full professor in the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Utrecht, where he and his Dutch colleagues worked to spread knowledge about the then modern structuralist and semiotic methods of studying language and literature. In the circle of Dutch slavists, he was intensively working on a comparative study of the literature of modernity in Slavic countries.

In 1980, he became a professor of Russian science of literature at the University of Oldenburg, the head of all Slavic studies, performing the occasional function of dean of the faculty. He remained a full professor of the University of Oldenburg and head of the Department of Slavic Philology until his retirement in 2007. As a professor in Oldenburg, he was particularly committed to an equal share of Croatian philology and science of literature in world philology and science and founded the Croatian language course (under this name) back in 1989. This course has been held to this day.

He often visited Zagreb, either as a professor or as a participant in the Zagreb Literary Talks and as a member of the famous international and Croatian slavist group gathered around the Glossary of the Russian Avant-Garde.

Rainer Grübel has published a number of scientific books and special papers: 7 monographic books, 12 group books intended primarily for university propedeutics, and a large number of articles of special cognitive and methodological purposes. Thirty of his works are dedicated, in whole or in part, to Croatian writers (Miroslav Krleža, Ranko Marinković, Nikola Škreb, Vesna Parun, Igor Zidić and many others).

In 2014 he was elected as a correspondent member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.