Gamulin Stjepan, F.C.A.

Full members III. Department of Natural Sciences
Gamulin Stjepan

Date of birth:

  • 1/13/1934

Place of birth:

  • Šibenik


  • Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 11, 10000 Zagreb


  • Razred za prirodne znanosti HAZU: +385 01 4895 171


Gamulin Stjepan, F.C.A.

Full members III. Department of Natural Sciences

Academic titles:

  • Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Doctor of Science


  • professor emeritus – University of Zagreb
  • full professor, retired – School of Medicine – University of Zagreb

Functions in Academy:

  • head of Committee for Applied Genomics
  • head of Committee for Defining and Promoting Science of National Importance (4/16/2020 – …)
  • member of  Awards Committee for the period 5/26/2021 – 2/25/2023

Membership in Academy:

  • full member – Department of Natural Sciences (5/16/2002 – …)


Stjepan Gamulin, F.C.A., professor emeritus of the University of Zagreb, Ph.D., specialist in internal medicine, medical oncology, retired.
Born  on January 13, 1934 in Šibenik. Graduated at the School of Medicine University of Zagreb (1959), M.Sc. (1967), Ph.D. at the University of Zagreb (1970) and at London University (1972, biochemistry). Worked at the Department of Pathophysiology, Clinical Hospital Center and School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, head
of the Department.

Full member of the Croatian Academy of  Sciences and Arts since 2002 in Department of Natural Sciences. His scientific fields of interest were the disorders of protein biosynthesis, steroid receptors in tumors, hormonal therapy of breast cancer. He led 7 research projects, and mentored 6 M.Sc. and 4 Ph.D. students. He published 101 scientific and professional articles and three books (one co-authored). 1999 award Josip Juraj Strossmayer (shared with M. Marusic) for scientific book Pathophysiology IV. Edition, 2009 State Science Award, (lifetime achievement). Regular Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences member since 1990, chairman of the Committee for Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence Based Medicine.