Prelogović Eduard

Associate members III. Department of Natural Sciences

Date of birth:

  • 04/07/1936

Place of birth:

  • Zagreb

Prelogović Eduard

Associate members III. Department of Natural Sciences

Academic titles:

  • full professor


  • professor retired – Faculty of Mining Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb

Membership in Academy:

  • associate member – Department of Natural Sciences (12/03/1992 – …)

Curriculum Vitae

Eduard Prelogović was born on 7 April 1936 in Zagreb, Croatia. His entire education was in Zagreb, too. He graduated from the Faculty of Science in 1962. He is affiliated with The Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering since 1964,firstly as an Assistant (1964-1974), then as a Assistant  Professor (1974-1977), Associate Professor(1977-1982) and Full Professor (1982-present day). In year 1999 he was elected as the permanent Professor. Retired in year 2007. He was teaching the following subjects: Geological mapping, Structural geology, Structural geomorphology and Quaternary Geology,  Neotectonics  with  seismotectonics,  Seismotectonics and in several post-graduate studies in geology and physics.
He was President of the Commission for the graduation exams fot ten years. Dozens of times a mentor or a member of the committee on graduate exams.He was a mentor or a member of the committee two dozen master’s theses and doctoral dissertations mentor  ten times and repeatedly a member of the committee. He carried professional examinations in geology and mining at the Ministry of Science and Technology for  twenty years. So far, he had participated in a relatively number of geological explorations. Most important are: participation in the development of Basic geological map,  making  structural and litofacial maps, defining neotectonic legends,  seismotectonic  and structural-geomorphological maps and preparation of individual maps.  Typical  studies are those of structural relationships, in particular the recent tectonic  and  seismotectonic activities. Special  emphasizes are on  the  separation of seismic sources, seismotectonic active zones in the area, the amplitude of tectonic movements, morphogenesis and the origin of the relief structure and in particular the definition of stress field and recent tectonic shifts in geological and geodetic  GPS  measurements.
Among those are the most important projects:  Seismicity of the Balkan  Peninsula  (1974),  Seizmic zonationes of the Medvednica  and areas of Zagreb (1988), Evolution of the possible danger for NPP Krško (1992/94 ), Tectonic  dynamics of the Pannonian basin area(1995/98), Recent structural assembly area of the Dinarides (2000/2002) and Geodynamics and the city of Zagreb (1997/2008).

From the scientific projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology there are next four:

  • The most recent tectonic movements and seismic activity in the Croatia (leader),
  • In-depth geological and neotectonical relationships in Croatia (leader),
  • Structural timber and aquifer protection (leader) and
  • In-depth geological and geohazard research in Croatia (associate).

There is also a significant participation in 55 scientific and professional conferences. Invited lectures was seventeen. Published papers with abstracts are listed in the Bibliography.
He had published a total of 113 scientific papers, 6 professional papers and 1 paper in the monography and a book in co-authoring. He won the Republican Senior Scientist  Award for the work ‘NikolaTesla’ in 1982. He was elected for a associate member of HAZU in 1992. year. He also noted the participation in the work of the Scientific  Council of the University Academy in Osijek, the Scientific Committee for in-depth  research and Photointerpretation of HAZU and the International Commission  on safety of nuclear power plant  (Inter.Com. For The Independent  Safety Analysis  of  the Plant NNP Krško).
He is a member of the Croatian Geological Society,  Croatian geomorphological Society ,Scientific Council for Petroleum and INQUA  (International  Union for  Quaternary Research – Neotectonic Commission).

The most important project:

  • Seismicity of the Balkan Peninsula (1974)
  • Seismic zonations of Mt. Medvednica and areas of Zagreb (1988)
  • Evolution of the possible danger for NPP Krško (1992/94)
  • Tectonic dynamic area of the Pannonian basin (1995/98)
  • Recent structural assembly area of the Dinarides (2000/2002)