Grubišić Vinko

Corresponding members VI. Department of Literature
Grubišić Vinko

Date of birth:

  • 1943

Place of birth:

  • Posuški Gradac, Posušje, BiH


Grubišić Vinko

Corresponding members VI. Department of Literature

Academic titles:

  • professor emeritus

Membership in the Academy:

  • corresponding member – Department of literature (5/12/2016 – …)

Vinko Grubišić was born on April 5, 1943, Posuški Gradac, BiH. After completing three years of Slavic and Latin studies, he went to Austria, and then to Fribourg in Switzerland, where he studied German studies, philosophy, classical philology, and anthropology. He graduated in Slavic studies and pedagogy in 1970. He received his Doctorate in Aix-en-Provence in 1974 rated très honorable by the world-renowned accentologist Paul Gard on the topic La syntaxe de la langue de Marko Marulić, after which he went to Canada, where he was engaged in various jobs – among other things, he taught in high school Croatian, German, and French, was a court interpreter, etc.

From 1988 until his retirement (2008), he taught Croatian language and literature and occasionally Russian literature at the University of Waterloo, and as part of his work he prepared university manuals Elementary Croatian I (1994, 2003), Elementary Croatian II (1996, 2008), Croatian Grammar (1996, 2007), Croatian Reader (together with Anita Mikulić Kovačević, 2007) and Croatian Literature in English (together with his daughter Katica Grubišić, 2007). In 2007, within the university where he spent a good part of his working life, he organized Croatian Online (“Online Course of Croatian”) as the first language in the world in the Angel program.

He spent the 1985 school year as a visiting lecturer in the Croatian language at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. With Fr. Ljubo Krasić, he published two manuals for learning Croatian language in out-of-house schools Hrvatski jezik 1 and Hrvatski jezik 2. He is better known for his books of linguistic works O hrvatskom jeziku (1975.) and Grafija hrvatske lapidarne ćirilice (1978).

He published books of poems Robotov poljubac (1974), Bitarion (1987), Gregorijanske šutnje (1989), Druženja s tijelom (1995) and Stazama samih središta (2005). His dramatic lyrics are Tri drame (1981) and Ne začuđuju čudesa (1982). In addition to Hrvatska književnost u egzilu (1991), he published books of essays Izazovne teme starije hrvatske književnosti (2006), Volitva (2007) and monograph Artaud (2000).

He translated from Latin, German, French and English, and here we single out: The American Guerrilla Theatre (1997), the Theatre and its doppelganger by Anonin Artaud (2002); The Navigation of St. Brendan Abbot (2004), Erazmo and the Christian Humanism by Léon Ernest Halkin (2005); Under the auspices of St. Peter’ Jerome by Valéry Larbaud (2006); Latin Poetry of the Middle Ages (2010), Jerome’s Hagiography (together with Vesna Badurina Stipčević, 2008) and Winged Song (2012). Together with Dr. Vladimir Bubrin, he edits the Journal of Croatian Studies of the Croatian Academy in America. In collaboration with Dr. V. Bubrin, he published the bilingual Renaissance reading The Glory and Fame / Dike ter hvaljen’ja (2015).

Grubišić received the Croatian Poetry Review Award (1971) and in 2003 he received the Queen Elizabeth II’ Golden Jubilee Medail for cultural contribution to Canada, Davidiad (together with Dr. Vladimir Bubrin) for 2011 and the Award for Best Translation (i.e., for Winged Singing) at the Sarajevo Book Fair in 2012. Although retired, he still translates from multiple languages ​​and writes.

Since 2016, he has been a correspondent member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.